Dog Boarding

  • Your pets are our guests in our climate controlled facility.  Golden Penny Kennels has in-floor heat, air conditioning, an air exchange system to keep the air fresh, and soothing sounds.  Your choice of canine accommodations include indoor/outdoor runs or large indoor kennels with more privacy.(Please visit the Kennel Pics photo album to view our facility).
  • Dogs are exercised up to 4 times daily.   Exercise options include leashed walks or romp time in the spacious play areas.
  • Fees are calculated on a daily basis, reduced cost for second dog if housed in the same kennel.
  • Doggie Day Care services available.
  • Other services provided at no extra cost include medication administration and Diamond brand

Cat Boarding

  • Feline accommodations are provided in our cat complex.   Cats are boarded in private lofts which include a lower level litter box, large main area, and an elevated perch.   Diamond brand cat food provided.

Kennel Baths for Dogs

  • Take home a clean, fresh dog!   Kennel baths are provided in our shower area.  High quality deodorizing shampoo is used. (not included in boarding fees)

Skunk Baths for Dogs

  • PEEE-EWWWWW!!!   If Fido has an unfortunate encounter with Pepe LePew, we can help at Golden Penny Kennels!   Skunk baths involve a specialized blend of products designed to eliminate skunk odor.

Pick up and Delivery

  • Too busy to go get dog food?   Want Fluffy delivered to your doorstep when you get home?   Golden Penny Kennels offers a unique boarding service for a minimal cost.   We will pick up and/or deliver your pet or dog food within a 10 mile radius of our facility.

Dog Training

  • Golden Penny Kennels training options include obedience and sport dog training. All training is done one on one.  Consultation with Brett is required to determine the goals for your pet.
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